WSDOT GeoData Distribution Catalog


What do I get in the download file?

Each ".zip" file that you may download from this site contains a suite of files comprising the named data set. These files represent standard ESRI data storage formats - ESRI shape files, ArcInfo coverages or File Geodatabases. Each data set's specific data storage format is detailed in its metadata, accessible on this site by clicking the data set's "title" link. (see 'How to Use the GeoData Catalog')


Consider a typical suite of data called, for example. This .zip file of ESRI shape file data would contain the following files:

File Type (extensions) Description of File
Geodata.dbf data table component of shape file
Geodata.shp graphic data component of shape file
Geodata.shx 3rd essential component of shape file
Geodata.htm metadata report in html format
Geodata.txt metadata report in ASCII text, FGDC-encoded for metadata database import



The following optional files may appear, depending on the characteristics of the data set:

File Type (extensions) Description of File
Geodata.ddi data dictionary of attributes in ASCII text
Geodata.sbn, .shx, .ain, .aix additional shapefile components
readme.txt special instructions or cautions about data usage


Some data sets include data in ESRI coverage format. Coverages are made of a pair of directories that contain special files storing the geographic information. For the example above, we would find:

Type Description
Geodata directory of files that produce the graphic representation of the data
Info directory of files of attribute data
Log File of transaction history of the coverage in ASCII text


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