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LTAP Sponsored Classes for Local Agencies

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WSDOT Diversity Mgt & Compliance System Training (DMCS) for Local Agencies
Tue, June 19, 2018
10am to 11am
WEBINAR-   register at this link:

WSDOT Construction Classes  
Topics scheduled throughout the year include:  Construction Inspection Documentation; Construction Materials Acceptance & Approval; Drainage Inspection; Excavation&Embankment Inspection; HMA Inspection; BST Inspection.  Only a few spots per class are generally open to local agencies.  Please check the REGISTRATION FORM dropdown menu for current postings of class titles, dates and locations.

LTAP classes are open to employees of cities, counties, tribes, ports, transit agencies, WSDOT and other state agencies, consultants, contractors, and out-of-state public agencies.
Note: coffee, refreshments and meals are not authorized for LTAP and WSDOT classes. Please be prepared to provide your own.

For more information:
Contact the LTAP Training Center : 360-705-7355 :