Toll bill payment options

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How do pre-paid Good To Go! accounts work?

When you open your account, you deposit $30 to cover future tolls and passes. The account is automatically refilled when the balance gets low.

How auto pay works:

  • Your account starts with a balance of $30 which funds future tolls.
  • When your account reaches a low balance of $8, your credit or debit card is automatically billed another $30 to refill your account. 
  • You may adjust these balances to a higher amount if you prefer.

Other payment options:

If you choose not to use auto pay, then you must monitor your account to ensure that there is always a positive balance. If your account balance goes below $0, you will be sent a toll bill in the mail that is not linked to your account. You will need to call us to reactivate your account, add funds, and link the toll bill to your account.

It may be up to 10 days between the time you use a tolled facility and when the toll appears on your account.

One-Time Manual Payments:

  • We’ll send you a low balance email when you reach $8, but it’s up to you to add funds to your account to keep a positive balance.

Date-Based Recurring Payments:

  • You may set up date-based payments to occur twice a month.
  • This option is only available through a bank account direct transfer (ACH payment). Electronic check (ACH) authorization form (pdf 201 kb)
  • Payments only occur when your account balance is below an amount of your choosing. 
  • Your account DOES NOT automatically replenish when it reaches a low balance. It only refills on specific dates. If the account balance goes below $0, you will be sent a toll bill in the mail that is not linked to your account.

Short Term Account:

We do not recommend third-party bill pay services. 

Make all payments directly through to ensure your payment reaches us on time.

  • Private bill pay apps and services cannot guarantee instant payments. Payments made in this way may take a week or more to reach us. Plan ahead to prevent late fees or negative account balances.
  • We cannot guarantee that private payment services will correctly send payments in a way that we can process.
  • Know that Good To Go! has not officially partnered with any third-party payment websites, apps, or services. Be on the alert of any websites using the Good To Go! logo other than or
  • Never enter personal financial information online unless you have verified that you are using a trustworthy financial institution.

How to stay Good To Go!

  • Keep your account up to date. Tell us when your address, contact info, or credit card changes.
  • Let us know if you change your license plate or buy or sell your vehicle. 
  • Do not let your account balance go below $0. Tolls cannot be charged to a negative account and you will receive a toll bill in the mail instead at a higher rate. Call us to lower that bill. 
  • If you get a bill in the mail, don’t ignore it! That means there’s a problem with your account. Call us ASAP to fix it. 

How do I add funds to my Good To Go! account?