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Recovery Act Reporting

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Federal Reporting

The Recovery Act requires WSDOT to regularly update the Federal Highway Administration on Washington State’s use of stimulus funds.

Accountability is a critical component of WSDOT's delivery of Recovery Act projects. The law requires state transportation departments to regularly update the US Department of Transportation on Washington’s use of transportation stimulus funds. Through December 2010, WSDOT also regularly updated a Congressional committee on the status of Recovery Act projects. Please check this site regularly for the monthly updates WSDOT submits to the FHWA. For more information about state accountability reporting, visit the Governor's Recovery Act Accountability web site.

FHWA Reporting

FHWA uses the Recovery Act Data System (RADS) to track project level Recovery Act highway information. RADS is a database developed by FHWA to improve data quality and address the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) reporting requirements. RADS contains all of the information previously reported in the 1585, 1586, and 1587 reports as well as additional information required by OMB’s Section 1512 quarterly reports. Detailed information about RADS is provided by FHWA in the RADS Guidance.

The following three tables contain information previously reported in the 1585, 1586, and 1587 monthly reports. This information has been condensed to align with the new reporting system and contains current and previous monthly Recovery Act project information that has been reported to FHWA in RADS:

  • Projects Table (xlsx 85 kb) - This table contains an entry for each project listed in the 1511 certifications and includes the basic descriptive data about each project.
  • Awards Table (xlsx 50 kb) - This table contains basic information on each awarded project including the award date, DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) goal, and DBE commitment.
  • Monthly Status Table (xlsx 557 kb) - This table contains information used for meeting the reporting requirements of section 1512 including DBE participation, Percent Complete, and employment data.

Detailed descriptions of the all of the fields contained in the project, award, and monthly status tables can be found in the FHWA RADS Guidance.

Governor's Certifications of Stimulus Projects

The Recovery Act requires the state governor to certify each project with a 1511 certification before a state or local agency can officially seek federal funding. Governor Gregoire signed the certifications listed above for WSDOT and local government agency highway and public transportation projects funded by the Recovery Act.

Congressional Reporting

Congress closely monitored how state and local governments spent Recovery Act funds. Until December 2010, Washington state reported to the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure as part of the panel's oversight of federal transportation projects. The monthly reports provided detailed information on projects that had received federal approval for stimulus funding as well as an update of the state’s and Transportation Management Areas’ progress in obligating funds. Each report included updated spending and employment data.

Highway Reports

Transit Reports

Federal Reporting and Accountability

For more information regarding federal reporting and accountability of the Recovery Act, please visit the following Web sites:

If you are having trouble viewing the Excel (xls) files please download the Microsoft Excel Viewer

Last revised on July 11, 2014