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ORCA or Wave2Go

WSDOT Ferries Division (WSF) is one of seven transit agencies participating in the region’s smart card passenger fare collection system. The card, called ORCA (One Regional Card for All) is a plastic reusable card containing a microprocessor chip, which stores pre-paid customer fare product information or an electronic purse (E-purse). Agencies involved in this program include King County Metro, Kitsap Transit, Community Transit, Pierce Transit, Everett Transit and Sound Transit.

Choosing whether to use an ORCA card or a Wave2Go ferry product (which uses bar code technology) will depend on how you travel and how you currently purchase your ticket or pass.

ORCA Click to Visit: www.orcacard.comHighlights

All Ferry & Transit users (walk-on or passenger) will need two separate monthly passes on your ORCA if you travel on both a transit system and WSF. Buy an ORCA PugetPass for your transit travel and WSF Monthly Passenger pass for your ferry service.

  • Infrequent users who do not carry cash but would like E-purse. (After E-purse value is loaded onto the card it does not expire)
  • Senior and disability customers who, if eligible, may receive a Regional Reduced Fare Permit (ORCA card) that will deduct the  discounted passenger fare or vehicle fare from e-purse when you travel. 
  • Passengers using the downtown corridor may want an ORCA card.  E-purse on your ORCA card would cover a bus ride from Colman Dock.
  • You may purchase any Wave2Go fare or product with E-purse. This includes vehicle fares, passenger fares, any required surcharges, and vehicle/driver Wave2Go Multi-rides. If you choose to purchase discounted vehicle/driver multi-ride products you will be issued a Wave2Go ticket with barcode technology.

Effective Oct 1, 2013, passenger Multi-ride products are available to load onto ORCA cards for travel at a discount, however, the WSF Monthly Pass continues to offer the best discount for daily commuters.  If you use E-purse for fare redemption you will be charged the fare based on the ORCA card type – adult, senior, disabled or youth.

Please note: A Multi-ride product cannot be used concurrently with the Monthly Pass product.

Other ORCA Details

  • Monthly Pass products are accepted at the turnstile, handheld, or vehicle tollbooth only. The passenger tollbooth does not accept the monthly pass product as a form of payment.
  • Fare hierarchy rules allow use of higher fare products on a lower fare routes  i.e. You may use the Central Sound pass- (Sea/Brem/Bainbridge/Ed/King) on the Mukilteo/Clinton, Pt. Townsend/Coupeville, and Fauntleroy/Southworth routes.
  • Youth fares are accepted for passenger travel only. 
  • ORCA is not an accepted form of payment at the Sidney B.C. terminal or within the San Juan Islands. ORCA is accepted at the Anacortes terminal when travelling west-bound only.
  • Companion Fares ( 2 or more passengers) must take place at the passenger tollbooth (with E-purse only) or vehicle tollbooth ( E-purse and product) and must be entered in a single transaction. If you wish to use your pass product at the turnstiles you must purchase companion fares at least 30 minutes prior to travel due to the passback rule.

Wave2Go Highlights

  • Vehicle/driver Multi-ride products are available at a discount only through Wave2Go
  • Revalue Program - Auto-replenish
  • Wave2Go products available online, at tollbooth, and kiosk
  • Wave2Go products may be purchased with ORCA E-purse 
  • Business accounts 
  • Vanpools and carpools (Customers who would like the ability to use a photocopy of their fare media should use bar-coded Wave2Go rather than smartcard ORCA, which requires presentation of the original ORCA card at time of payment. )

Either ORCA or Wave2Go

  • WSF monthly pass: If you currently only use a WSF monthly pass and don’t ride another transit provider, then either the Wave2Go or ORCA card will work for you.
  • Vehicle Passengers can determine which fare system works for them, including Vanpool & Carpool passengers. (Vehicle/driver fares will remain in Wave2Go as well as the annual WSF HOV permit.)
  • Passenger Multi-ride products are now available on ORCA along with the Monthly Pass product. Vehicle/driver Multi-rides are only available through the Wave2Go program ( ORCA E-purse may be used to purchase vehicle/driver Wave2Go Multi-rides)


Points To Consider

  • Your E-purse may be used to purchase any WSF fare (passenger, vehicle, surcharge, multi-ride product)
  • To acquire a Senior or Disabled Regional Reduced Fare Permit or a Youth ORCA card, you must prove eligibility prior to obtaining your card. RRFP cards and Youth cards each offer a 50% passenger fare discount.
  • E-purse does not work in the galley, vending machines or with any other WSF vendor.
  • E-purse is not accepted at the pre-ticketed tollbooth. E-purse is considered only a form of payment and is not a pre-sold ticket.
  • WSF tollbooths and passenger booths cannot add value to an ORCA card. Customers can add value online at; at transit Customer Service offices, at designated local retailers and through the ORCA call center at 1-888-988-6722.
  • You can register your ORCA card so that in case your card is lost/stolen, your purchased products and E-purse will be protected.
  • Companion Fares ( 2 or more passengers) must take place at the passenger tollbooth ( E-purse only) or vehicle tollbooth ( E-purse and product) and must be entered in a single transaction due to the 30-minute passback rule. If you wish to use your pass product at the turnstiles you must purchase companion fares at least 30 minutes prior to travel due to the passback rule. 
  • Passenger Multi-rides are intended for the single user and are not transferrable due to the 30-minute passback rule.
  • Tap and hold your ORCA card at the tollbooth or turnstile, or on the handheld reader prior to boarding the ferry to pay for your fare. If your card is loaded with an E-purse, the cost of the trip will be deducted from the transportation value in your E-purse. If you have a regional pass or agency pass valid for the ferry service, the reader will recognize your pass as valid fare payment.

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