Mukilteo/Clinton schedule changes

2017 Mukilteo/Clinton six-month pilot project sailing schedule 


The current Mukilteo/Clinton sailing schedule was designed for two 124-car Issaquah class ferries. In June 2014, the 144-car Tokitae joined the route. Because the Tokitae is larger and holds 20 more vehicles, the Tokitae cannot keep to the existing schedule and on-time performance has gone down.  WSF proposes to adjust the afternoon sailing schedule to increase loading and unloading times. The total number of daily sailings will not change; there will be no cuts to service.

Local Transit Coordination

We have been in contact with our local transit partners, Island Transit, Community Transit, Everett Transit, and Sound Transit, and they support these changes. 

Community Outreach

Thank you for joining us on March 21, 2017 for the Open House in Clinton and on March 23 and March 29 for our onboard outreach. View Open House and onboard outreach materials: Display boards (pdf 2 mb)Fact sheet (pdf 431 kb)

Latest News

June 25, 2017: The 2017 Mukilteo/Clinton six-month pilot project sailing schedule was implemented on Sunday, June 25. We will monitor loading and offloading durations, on-time performance, and customer feedback during the pilot project and report back with our findings. 

April 18, 2017: Thank you for providing feedback regarding the proposed schedule changes.  We received 49 comments and spoke to more than 200 members of the public during our Clinton open house and two days of onboard outreach. 

In our outreach conversations we heard these recurring themes:

  • Local transit coordination: We understand how important it is for passengers to make their island and mainland transit connections. We have coordinated with Island Transit, Community Transit, Everett Transit, and Sound Transit. Our proposed schedule changes will provide transit riders more predictability. In response to customer comments collected during outreach we made several adjustments to the proposed schedule to accommodate local transit riders.
  • Operations: We know there are many operational challenges at the terminals, and believe the new terminal in Mukilteo, and a second 144-vessel on the route, will address many of these challenges. In response to crew and staff comments collected during outreach we made one adjustment to the proposed schedule to accommodate operations.
  • Future changes: We also heard that funding three vessels for the Mukilteo/Clinton route and overhead loading in Clinton are priorities for many of our customers on this route. Soon we will begin an update to the Washington State Ferries long range plan and expect some of these suggestions to be reviewed. 

Here's a full outreach summary (pdf 72 kb) of what we heard and the new 2017 Mukilteo/Clinton summer schedule (pdf 188 kb)


  • February-April 2017: Develop sailing schedule; public outreach
  • March 21: Public meeting in Clinton
  • April 5: Public comment period ends
  • April 25: Summer 2017 sailing schedule published
  • June 25: New Mukilteo/Clinton pilot project schedule begins
  • Fall 2017: Six-month pilot project ends; reevaluate sailing schedule