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TO: All Bridge Designers
FROM: Chuck Ruth
DATE: October 21, 1994
SUBJECT: Review of Shop Drawings for Post Tensioned Structures

It has come to my attention that one of our post-tensioning suppliers is not providing the required information on shop drawing submittals (see attached memo from J. A. Weigel). The information required on the shop drawings is outlined in the Standard Specifications (Section 6-02.3(26)A). Whenever post-tensioning shop plans are reviewed, the accuracy and completeness of the information should be checked against contract requirements and responded to accordingly. The Construction Support Unit staff is available as a resource for how to respond to inaccurate or incomplete submittals.

This is one of many critical areas for all of us to focus on to assure the construction quality of our bridges. Your continued effort in providing thorough quality assurance reviews is appreciated.



cc:    K. N. Kirker

        Y. A. Mhatre

        R. T. Shaefer

        A. Whitney

        J. McMurry

        J. A. Weigel, 7354