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TO: All Design Section Staff
FROM: Chuck Ruth
DATE: December 21, 1999
SUBJECT: Concrete Surface Finishes

The 1998 Standard Specifications have three concrete surface finishes. There will be only two concrete finishes in the new 2000 Standard Specifications as a result of the AGC/WSDOT Structures Team’s efforts and assistance from Alex Young.

Changing te specification involved numerous meetings over an eighteen month period to clarify what was acceptable and to negotiate procedures and wording. Here are a few issues:

The attached sketch provides Notes to Designer and how to show Class 1 concrete surface finish limits in our plans.
Following is a brief summary of the changes:

See 6-02.3(14), A, B, and 6.02.3(25)H in the 2000 Standard Specification as they relate to concrete surface finishes.
The sketch will be shown in the next BDM update.



cc:         J. A. Weigel, 47340

            Lewis, 47354

            F. Higgins, 47340