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TO: All Design Section Staff
FROM: Chuck Ruth
DATE: December 3, 1999
SUBJECT: BDM, Chapter 6 and Chapter 9 - Draft Updates

Attached are the draft updated versions of Chapter 6 and Chapter 9 of the Bridge Design Manual. Bijan Khaleghi has worked very hard to update these two chapters. Following is a summary of the updates:

Chapter 6 Updates:

Strength of Concrete

Creep Rate


Camber Multipliers

Addition of WSDOT "Supergirders"

Allowable Stresses

Shipping & Handing of prestressed girders

Design criteria for prestressed girders

Camber Diagram

Crossbeam Design

Note to designers for WSDOT "Supergirders"

Post tensioning Notes

Post tensioning Systems

Chapter 9 Updates:

LRFD supplement to spread footings, shafts and pile footings for LRFD foundation design.

These Chapter 6 & 9 updates will be included in a published BDM update within the next 6 months. Please review these draft updates and provide any comments and/or corrections directly to Bijan on or before February 29, 2000.



cc:     J. A. Weigel, 47340

         F. Higgins, 47340