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TO: All Design Section Staff
FROM: Chuck Ruth
DATE: March 19, 1999
SUBJECT: Drilled Shafts Revisions to BDM

Please refer to the attached final draft revisions to Section 9.8.5, C, 4 of the BDM. These revisions shall be incorporated into all new drilled shaft designs. The attached BDM revisions will be incorporated in a future update to the BDM. These revisions were developed in coordination with Patrick Clarke, Tim Moore, Lou Tran, and Rich Zeldenrust to assure consistency with current drilled shaft design and construction practices.

If you have any questions or comments regarding these revisions, please forward them to me.


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cc(w/attach):     J. Weigel, 47340

                         Higgins, 47340

                         J. Fahoum, 47340