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TO: K. N. Kirker/Y. A. Mhatre/R. T. Shaefer/W. A. Whitney
FROM: Chuck Ruth
DATE: February 2, 1995
SUBJECT: Review of Preapproved Proprietary Retaining Wall Shop Drawings/Design

Y. A. Mhatre’s design unit has primary responsibility for reviewing proposals submitted by retaining wall manufacturers for pre-approval of their system. Once the wall system is preapproved, however, each design unit is responsible for checking proprietary retaining wall shop drawings and designs that are submitted on contracts in which they have design responsibility. Rick Liptak is currently handling the preapproval of proprietary retaining walls and is available as a resource for engineers that are performing a check.

When proprietary retaining wall shop plans/designs are submitted on unassigned contracts, the Construction Plans Unit will assign the shop plan/design review to the three design units on a rotating basis.


cc:     J. McMurry