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TO: All Design Section Staff
FROM: Chuck Ruth
DATE: June 16, 1998
SUBJECT: Change Orders and As-Built Drawings


Reference is made to Section 1.3.6(B) of the Bridge Design Manual. This section of the Bridge Design Manual outlines the process for modifying contract plans to incorporate change orders. Whenever a change order is significant enough to warrant modification and reissuing a revised contract bridge sheet, or a new contract bridge sheet, the revised (or new) mylar needs to be forwarded to the Construction Support Bridge Plans Technician (Harvey Johnson) for As-Built records. The new mylars also must be resigned by the "engineers of record". There have been some occurrences recently in which plan sheets were modified and 11X17 copies sent to the OSC Construction Office for processing, but no signed mylars were sent to Harvey for As-Built records.

As you all know, As-Built drawings are a critical element of the bridge design and maintenance process for future reference. We are doing all we can to encourage the Regions to follow the Construction Manual for correct and timely preparation of As-Built drawings and submittal to our office. The Bridge and Structures Office needs to set a good example to the Region construction folks by being diligent in following our own internal procedures regarding As-Built drawings. Your help and cooperation regarding this matter is appreciated.


cc:     M. M. Lwin, 47340

         O. R. George, 47340

         E. H. Henley, 47340

         F. Higgins, 47340

         J. A. Weigel, 47354