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TO: K. Kiker/Y.A.Mhatre/R.T.Shaefer/J. VanLund
FROM: Chuck Ruth
DATE: July 26, 1996
SUBJECT: Coordination with Bridge and Structures Office Architect

We are very fortunate to have Alex Young as a member of the Bridge and Structures Office staff. He is very willing to work with Design Section staff regarding esthetic design issues. There are benefits to our customers, the Regions, as well. They can now contact one office for consultation on both structural and esthetic issues.

Before making recommendations to the Regions regarding structure type, Alex should be consulted regarding esthetic concerns. We should be making recommendations to our customers, the Regions, that have in-house "team" endorsement. This will reduce the possibility of a misunderstanding.

There may be additional cost associated with meeting an esthetic need for a particular project. Our approach should always be to look for the best overall solution that addresses all concerns. Sometimes cost or structural concerns appear to conflict with esthetic concerns. When this happens, a "win-win" solution should be the strived for. If the issue cannot be resolved, it should be elevated to the appropriate level for resolution before a proposal is resented to the Region.

Please share these guidelines with your staff.


cc: A. Young