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TO: K. N. Kirker/Y. A. Mhatre/R. T. Shaefer/W. A. Whitney
FROM: Chuck Ruth
DATE: January 23, 1995
SUBJECT: Drilled Shaft Foundations


Please refer to the attached memo from Jerry Weigel. Because of recent cost overruns for bridge contracts with drilled shafts, Jerry is requesting that we do not specify drilled shaft foundations if there are other options. If we are early enough in the design to make this change without a significant impact to our design schedule and if there is at least one other foundation option, we should comply with Jerry’s request. If a redesign is required, and there is more than a week delay in project turn-in, the design should be completed with the shaft option.

It is hoped that the problems with shaft construction and cost overruns can be resolved in a reasonable time frame. No change will be made to the BDM at this time to reflect his temporary policy. The consultants should be advised of this temporary policy as well.



cc: M. M. Lwin, (w/attach) 7340

     Allen, (w/attach) 7365

     F. Higgins, (w/attach) 7340

     J. McMurry, (w/attach) 7340

     J. Weigel, 7354