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TO: All Design Staff
FROM: Chuck Ruth
DATE: June 25, 1997
SUBJECT: Modification of Bridge & Structures Office Plan Signature Policy

A natural work team lead by Yesh Mhatre developed a "first stage" proposal for modification of the current Design Section policy on professional seal and signature requirements for structural plans. This "first stage" proposal has been approved for implementation. For miscellaneous structural designs, the following professional seal and signature guidelines for plans are effective beginning July 1, 1997:

Non Standard Retaining Walls: M, Talukdar and designer (if licensed) (Note: If Munindra is the designer, the Unit Supervisor would co-sign)

Sign Structures, Traffic Signals and Luminaire Structures: G. Minns and designer (if licensed)
(Note: If Gary is the designer, the Unit Supervisor would co-sign)

Expansion Joints and Bearings: R. Dornsife and designer (if licensed) (Note: If Ralph is the designer, the Unit Supervisor would co-sign)

Superstructure Seismic Retrofits: Unit supervisor and S. Fairchild (or designer, if licensed)

Traffic Barriers and Guardrail retrofits: Unit Supervisor and designer (if licensed)

Concrete Overlays: Unit Supervisor and designer (if licensed)

Noise Walls: B. Khaleghi and designer (if licensed) (Note: If Bijan is the designer, the Unit Supervisor would co-sign)

Note: In items 1 thru 7 above, it is the intent to have at least one SE seal and signature on each drawing.

The purpose of these proposed plan signature modifications is two-fold. First, this change empowers our engineers to sign their own work, which facilitates a sense of ownership, responsibility and pride. Second, this change reduces layers of review that may add little or no value to the product.
Please note that a designer should request a higher level review for unique or one-of-a-kind type of designs.

Yesh’s natural work team will be developing additional plan seal/signature guidelines for bridge designs. If you have any input or suggestions, I suggest that you contact Yesh.


cc:     M. M. Lwin

         E. H. Henley

         B. Stoddard

         F. Higgins

         O. R. George