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TO: K. N. Kirker
FROM: Chuck Ruth
DATE: January 13, 1995
SUBJECT: Determination of Class Concrete for Bridge Design During Preparation of the Preliminary Bridge Plan

Reference is made to my memo of September 27, 1994, on the above subject. A suggestion was made by Joe Fahoum to put the cast-in-place concrete design requirement on the Preliminary Bridge Plan. It think this is an excellent idea and ask that this recommendation be utilized in lieu of putting the concrete class in the "notes to designer".

In addition, Concrete Class 5000 should not be specified for the typical post-tensioned bridge unless a qualified concrete supplier is located in the immediate area around the project. The Materials Lab is an available resource in determining if there is a qualified concrete supplier.


cc: Y. A. Mhatre, 7340

      R. T. Shaefer, 7340

     W. A. Whitney, 7340

     J. A. Weigel, 7354

     R. H. Gietz, 7365