Project Wish List

One look at our Wish List and you can say for certain that we don't lack ambition.  We plan to create all of the applications and developer tools listed below. 


  • Bridge COGO

  • Post-tensioned Box Girder Design and Analysis

  • Steel Plate Girder Design and Analysis

  • Steel Box Girder Design and Analysis

  • Curved Steel Bridge Design and Analysis

  • General Purpose Finite Element Analysis

  • Reinforced Concrete Slab Design and Analysis

  • Elastomeric Bearing Pad Design

  • Column Design and Analysis

  • Spread Footing Design and Analysis

  • Retaining Wall Design and Analysis

  • Design and Analysis of Piers

  • Design and Analysis of Sign Structures and Signal Poles

  • Lateral Pile Analysis

  • Group Pile Analysis

  • Analysis and Design of Pile Foundations

Developer Tools

  • Grid Control

  • Standardized Unit Value Input Control

  • 3D Finite Element Engine

  • Direct Manipulation Framework

  • X-Y  Plotting Framework

If there is some bridge engineering software you would like to add to Wish List, just send us a note.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it will take decades to produce all of this software.  If we work together, maybe it can get done sooner. Would you like to contribute?

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