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Future Standard Plans

Future Standard Plans are those approved for publication, that are awaiting the next installment of a revision package (an annual cycle) before they can be referenced from a contract. We post them on the Standard Plans website as they become approved. A Future Standard Plan may be included in a forthcoming contract as a detail sheet.

A-40.10-03 Cement Concrete Pavement Joints
View Plan (pdf, 140kb)  Download WinZip File (zip, 271kb)

A-40.20-03 Bridge Paving Joint Seals
View Plan (pdf, 298kb)  Download WinZip File (zip, 242kb)

A-40.50-02 Bridge Approach Slab
View Plan (pdf, 271kb)  Download WinZip File (zip, 394kb)

A-60.10-03 Cement Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation
View Plan (pdf, 452kb)  Download WinZip File (zip, 374kb)

A-60.20-03 Dowel Bar Retrofit For Cement Concrete Pavement
View Plan (pdf, 334kb)  Download WinZip File (zip, 877kb)

G-20.10-02 Ground Mounted Sign Placement
View Plan (pdf, 137kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 205kb)

G-24.40-05  Steel Sign Support Types SB-1, SB-2, & SB-3 Installation Details
View Plan (pdf, 563kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 1,355kb)

G-24.60-04 Steel Sign Support Types TP-A and TP-B Installation Details
View Plan (pdf, 286kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 711kb)

G-30.10.04 Sign Installation on Signal and Light Standards 
View Plan (pdf, 261kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 321kb)

G-50.10.02 Sign Bracing
View Plan (pdf, 303kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 365kb)

G-60.10-03 Cantilever Sign Structure (Truss Type) 
View Plan (pdf, 455kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 589kb)

G-60.20-02 Cantilever Sign Structure (Truss Type) Foundation Type 1
View Plan (pdf, 234kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 484kb)

G-60.30-02 Cantilever Sign Structure (Truss Type) Foundation Types 2 & 3    
View Plan (pdf, 242kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 847kb)

G-70.10-03  Sign Bridge (Truss Type)                                    
View Plan (pdf, 459kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 1,084kb)

G-90.20-03 Overhead Sign Mounting (Monotube Structure) 
View Plan (pdf, 136kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 812kb)

J-10.10-03 Cabinet Orientation Conduit Layout and Foundation Detail
View Plan (pdf, 2,287kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 1,365kb)

J-10.16-00 Service Cabinet Type A (0 - 60 Amp Type 120 Volt Single Phase)
View Plan (pdf, 273kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 978kb)

J-10.17-00 Service Cabinet Type B (0 - 60 Amp Type 120/240 Volt Single Phase)
View Plan (pdf, 272kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 943kb)

J-10.18-00 Service Cabinet Type C (0 - 60 Amp Type 240/480 Volt Single Phase)
View Plan (pdf, 278kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 1,140kb)

J-10.20-00 Service Cabinet Type B Modified (0 - 200 Amp Type 120/240 Single Phase)
View Plan (pdf, 313kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 986kb)

J-10.21-00 Service Cabinet Type D (0 - 200 Amp Type 120/240 Single Phase)
View Plan (pdf, 163kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 491kb)

J-15.15-02 Span Wire Installation
View Plan (pdf, 162kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 762kb)

J-22.15-02 Ramp Meter Signal Standard Details
View Plan (pdf, 397kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 1,426kb)

J-22.16-03  Ramp Meter Signal Standard Electrical Details
View Plan (pdf, 152kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 789kb)

J-28.24-01 Steel Light Standard Placement (Fixed Base)
View Plan (pdf, 147kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 2,422kb)

J-30.10-00 High Mast Luminaire Maintenance Pad
View Plan (pdf, 266kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 328kb)

J-75.10-02 Signal Head Mounting Details ~ Pole and Post Top Mountings
View Plan (pdf, 193kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 893kb)

J-75.20-01 Signal Head Mounting Details ~ Mast Arm and Span Wire Mountings
View Plan (pdf, 321kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 1,256kb)

J-75.30-02 Miscellaneous Signal Details
View Plan (pdf, 164kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 532kb)

M-2.20-03 Off-Ramp Gore Area Marking Layouts
View Plan (pdf, 203kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 119kb)

M-2.21-00 On-Ramp Gore Area Marking Layouts
View Plan (pdf, 137kb) Download WinZip File (zip, 199kb)

M-20.20-02 Profiled and Embossed Plastic Lines
View Plan (pdf, 240kb)  Download WinZip File (zip, 194kb)

M-20.30-03 Longitudinal Marking Supplement with Raised Pavement Markers
View Plan (pdf, 450kb)  Download WinZip File (zip, 218kb)

M-24.20-02 Symbol Markings ~ Traffic Arrows for High-Speed Roadways
View Plan (pdf, 311kb)  Download WinZip File (zip, 241kb)

M-24.40-02 Symbol Markings ~ Traffic Arrows for Low-Speed Roadways
View Plan (pdf, 402kb)  Download WinZip File (zip, 213kb)

Revision Summaries

Revision History
08-04-14 Revision (pdf, 31kb)
08-05-13 Revision (pdf, 42kb)
08-06-12 Revision (pdf, 27kb)
08-01-11 Revision (pdf, 70kb)
08-02-10 Revision (pdf, 122kb)
12-07-09 Revision (pdf, 86kb)