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The Right of Way Plans Section is part of the WSDOT HQ Development Division, providing technical support in the disciplines of Right of Way Plan development and Survey Support to WSDOT headquarters and regional offices.

The RW Plans Unit provides Real Estate Services the right of way documentation needed to secure or dispose of property rights for the safe operation of highway infrastructure.

The Survey Support Unit provides guidance in survey equipment and software, field procedures, survey documentation and report writing to keep crews and office personnel efficient in current software and hardware technology.  They also provide varying degrees of technical support to other state and local agencies.

ROW/Survey Support Contacts

Primary Responsibilities
The Right of Way Plans Section has primary responsibility for the following:

  • Review, draft, and approve revisions to new and existing RW plans
  • Maintain plans vault
  • Maintain and update the Highway Surveying Manual, Plans Preparation Manual Divisions 1, 2, and 3, and Design Manual chapters 1440 and 1450
  • Review or prepare Records of Survey, Monumentation Maps, Sundry Site Plans, and DNR Land Plats
  • Chair the Statewide Survey Committee
  • Training for WSDOT and consultant personnel
  • Assist with the CAE Help Desk
  • Assist regions in completing special projects

Technical Assistance
The Right of Way Plans Section offers technical assistance to other offices for the following:

  • Review and draft legal descriptions
  • Draft miscellaneous survey documents
  • Respond to region requests, provide guidance, and answer questions
  • Coordinate RW plans with other agencies
  • Coordinate survey activities with other agencies
  • Miscellaneous boundary and survey research
  • Public Disclosure requests

Requesting Right of Way Plans

Right of way plans are available through the public disclosure request process.  A request for right of way plans can be made by completing the "Request for Public Records" form or by letter to the Public Disclosure Office.  The mailing address is provided on the form.  An e-mail request can also be made to the Engineering Records Imaging office at

As part of the public disclosure process, a response will be sent to the requestor within five working days.  The department then has up to 30 days to fulfill the request.  However, a right of way plan is normally processed within a day of receipt of the request.

When requesting a right of way plan, as much information as possible about the plan or project vicinity should be included.  If the plan title is known, the plan can be retrieved directly from the database.  If the plan title is not known, the Section, Township and Range (preferred), milepost, or known cross streets will generate a search location for the plan.  Once identified, a pdf image will be sent to the requestor.  The information can be sent by mail or e-mail.  When requesting a plan, please include your name, complete home or business address and phone number in order to complete the public disclosure request documentation.

Once you have received the right of way plan, you can contact the RW Plans office at the e-mail address or phone number listed on this page with any questions or concerns.