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Design Policy Publications and Resources

The Design Policy, Standards, and Research team is part of the WSDOT Development Division, providing policy guidance and technical support to WSDOT headquarters and regional offices, for development of transportation projects. We also provide technical support to other state and local agencies.

Design Policy News

Design Manual Revision History


Current Design Manual

Primary Responsibilities
The Design Policy, Standards, and Research team has primary responsibility for the following:

  • Maintain and update the WSDOT Design Manual
  • Maintain and update the WSDOT Standard Plans for Road, Bridge, and Municipal Construction
  • Conduct supporting research to facilitate decisions for design policy and standards
  • Conduct research for system performance measurement, with an emphasis on highway safety

Technical Assistance
The Design Policy, Standards, & Research team offers technical assistance to WSDOT and other offices for the following:

  • Geometric design
  • Use of roadside safety hardware
  • General guidance in using the Design Manual in Project Development efforts
  • General guidance in using the Standard Plans in Project Development efforts
  • Performance measurement for safety countermeasure to regions and project control office

Direct questions, comments and suggestions to:

Chris Schroedel, PE
Policy Research & Publications Engineer
Ph: 360-705-7299

Jeff Petterson, PE
Roadside Safety Engineer
Ph: 360-705-7246 

Design Office Contacts
Mailing address:
PO Box 47329
Olympia, WA
(360) 705-7230