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The Web Toolkit provides training and guidance for creating and editing WSDOT’s web content.

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We provide personal assistance for most web issues on the WSDOT internal and external websites.

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WSDOT web standards

In an effort to best serve our site visitors, we are working on creating a sense of place throughout our website.

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Usability measures the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a website or computer application. Usability testing can help you identify major issues and lead you to workable solutions. It doesn't take long and, if it's done in-house, there is no cost to you.
Complex documents may be difficult to make fully accessible. In that case, you do have the option of creating a text file to post in addition to the PDF. By posting a text file, you are providing a way for those who use screen readers to access the information.
If you create PDFs from Microsoft Word 2007 documents, changing some of the settings in Microsoft Word 2007 will make it easier for you to create accessible PDFs.
Top ten project page tips including how to keep your project schedule current, keep it simple and using clear and consistent navigation.
The WSDOT Flickr site gives us an easy way to share our images with the public and the media. Flickr lets you arrange photos and short videos into visual essays that illustrate our stories.
In Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act , state agencies that receive federal funds are to provide accessible websites. As a government agency, we serve all citizens in our state, which includes those with disabilities.
Standards are set to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the WSDOT Web site.
Introduction to basic concepts of Web writing. It is very different than writing for print. Please take a few minutes to look this over.
Web statistics provide a look at how often your site is visited, and what people are doing while at the site. You can use these statistics to make decisions about your site and pages - rearranging, reworking, deleting content and links to better serve your visitors.
Your Web pages are only helpful if users can find them. This is known as Web searchability. The cornerstone to searchability - getting your page found - are keywords and other information that targets the search engine.