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Qualified Product List

Product Information

Manufacturer : TrafFix Devices, Inc., San Clemente - CA

Product Name : TrafFix Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater
    Standard Spec : 8-17.1, Attenuator - Impact Attenuator Systems

    Product Description : Impact attenuator system: NCHRP 350, Test Level (TL) 2 and 3; for shielding temporary and permanent barriers.
    Product Restriction :
    For use in temporary/work zone applications ONLY. This attenuator does not provide redirection for vehicles striking the side of the system. Select installation locations where side impacts are unlikely to compromise motorist or worker safety if they do occur.

    Acceptance Code : 3102
    Code Description : Visually verify the product delivered to the job site is the product that was originally submitted by the Contractor and approved from the QPL. If the Contract contains a Buy America clause the PEO is responsible for acquiring a Certificate of Material Origin from the Contractor. Note 'Restrictions' when present.

    Last Updated : Mar 12, 2012

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