Project Specific Questions and Answers (Q&A) Archives

This page contains links to Project specific Questions & Answers (Q&A) for the projects listed. Responses to questions are not considered part of the Contract, and shall not be relevant in interpreting the Contract, except as they may clarify provisions otherwise considered ambiguous. If WSDOT determines, in its sole discretion, that any interpretation or clarification resulting from the question and answer process requires a change in the contract documents, WSDOT will issue an Addendum making such change. WSDOT will not be bound by, and the bidder shall not rely on, any oral communication or representation regarding the contract documents, or any written communication except to the extent that it is an Addendum to the contract plans, specifications, or proposal and is not superseded by a later Addendum to the contract, and except to the extent provided above regarding responses to questions.

Questions & Answers Archives

Project Q&A will remain here until project completion, at which time they will be removed. To view available Questions and Answers for projects currently on advertisement, please visit the main Q&A page.