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Washington State Bicycle Map

Click on a section of the map image to download an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file of a closeup of that section of the State Bicycle Map, or use the corresponding list to the right.

Official State Bike Map

Bike Map Segments

  1. Northwest (pdf 527kb)
  2. North (pdf 493kb)
  3. Northeast (pdf 483kb)
  4. West (pdf 578kb)
  5. Central (pdf 654kb)
  6. East (pdf 571kb)
  7. Southwest (pdf 433kb)
  8. South (pdf 480kb)
  9. Southeast (pdf 447kb)

Image of washington State Bicycle Map Legend for the State Map (pdf 200kb)

Local Area Details Sections

More local maps of bike trails and routes

Image of the Puget Sound Area map
  1. North Puget Sound Region (pdf 609kb)
  2. Central Puget Sound Region (pdf 614kb)
  3. South Puget Sound Region (pdf 573kb)