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Washington State Aviation Policy - State's Interest

What is the state's interest in aviation?

Before developing specific recommendations to the Transportation Commission, the Advisory Committee produced suggestions of what the state's interest in aviation should be. Issues in which the state has an interest may not be issues over which the state has authority. For instance, the state has an interest in smoothly functioning public transportation, but it does not have an active role in operating local transit systems. An example of an area where the state has direct authority is the state highway system, which the state government owns.

The Advisory Committee proposed the following statements of interest:


It is the state's interest that aviation facilities and services be preserved that provide access for all regions of the state to the nation's air transportation system, provide for emergency management, and support local economies.


It is the state's interest that transportation by air be safe.


It is the state's interest that there be sufficient airport capacity to respond to growth in demand to ensure access across the state, the nation and the world.

Environmental Protection

It is the state's interest that negative environmental impacts of airports on people and the natural environment be mitigated.

After identifying the state's interest in these areas, the Advisory Committee went on to identify gaps between the state's interest and existing policy, and made recommendations on how the state should address these gaps.

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