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Eastern Region Economic Impacts of Washington Airports

Click on any of the airport names on the map below OR click on the links listed below the map to view more information.

Eastern Region Economic Impacts map with airports denoted.  

Select any of the airports listed below to view more information.

Colville Municipal Airport (pdf 420 kb)

Davenport Airport (pdf 418 kb)

Deer Park Municipal Airport (pdf 430 kb)

Felts Field (pdf 420 kb)

Ferry County Airport (pdf 418 kb)

Ione Municipal Airport (pdf 421 kb)

Lind Airport (pdf 418 kb)

Mead Flying Service (pdf 420 kb)

Odessa Municipal Airport (pdf 421 kb)

Pru Field (pdf 416 kb)

Pullman - Moscow Regional Airport (pdf 441 kb)

Rosalia Municipal Airport (pdf 418 kb)

Sand Canyon Airport (pdf 421 kb)

Spokane International Airport (pdf 434 kb)

Whitman County Memorial Airport (pdf 422 kb)

Wilbur Municipal Airport (pdf 420 kb)

Willard Field (pdf 417 kb)

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Economic Impacts of Washington Airports

Pullman Moscow RegionalWhitman County MemorialLindWillard FieldRosalia MunicipalPru FieldOdessa MunicipalWilbur MunicipalSpokane InternationalDavenportFelts FieldMead Flying ServiceDeer Park MunicipalSand CanyonColville MunicipalIone MunicipalFerry County