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PACT Forum mission

The Program for Agency Coordinated Transportation (PACT) Forum supports ACCT on policy implementation and facilitates a statewide approach to coordinating special needs transportation and developing community-based coordinated transportation systems.

PACT is an ongoing work group consisting of representatives from state programs that:

  • Provide or fund transportation programs
  • Purchase transportation on behalf of clients
  • Arrange transportation for clients
  • Provide social, health, educational or other services to people with special transportation needs

PACT Membership

A complete listing of current PACT Forum members is available here.

PACT Meetings

PACT Forum meetings typically are held 1:30-3:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. The meetings are open to the public, and a comment period is reserved for questions or concerns.

PACT meetings are held at:
Washington State Department of Transportation
Capital Conference Room (Rm. 321)
310 Maple Park Ave. SE
Olympia, WA 98504

The meeting location is accessible. Sign language interpreter services, assistive listening systems and communication materials in alternative formats are available upon advance request.

For more information about meetings please contact the ACCT secretary at 360-705-7846.


The Forum has the following responsibilities with regard to the coordination of special needs transportation:
  • Serve as an information clearinghouse
  • Advocate for special needs transportation
  • Provide a regular place and time for state agencies to discuss and resolve issues
  • Create guidelines for state agencies to develop consistent policies, rules and procedures
  • Analyze policy issues and proposed legislation and make recommendations to ACCT

  • Apply for grants and other funding to enhance the state transportation coordination efforts
  • Solve problems and address issues referred by ACCT
  • Develop products required in the 1999 ACCT transportation impact statement:
    • A mechanism to identify and track expenditures
    • Performance measures
    • Reporting criteria
    • Evaluation methods
    • Minimum driver/vehicle standards for drivers and vehicles
    • A methodology for allocating costs when rides are shared

Work Plan

A plan for implementing the provisions of the ACCT legislation was passed in the 1999 legislative session and codified in RCW 47.06B.

The Forum members prioritized the implementation elements as ongoing and priority.


  • Provide a forum at the state level in which state agencies will discuss and resolve coordination issues and program policy issues that may impact transportation coordination and costs.
  • Facilitate state-level discussion and action on problems and barriers identified by the local forums that can only be resolved at either the state or federal level.
  • Form, convene and give staff support to stakeholder work groups as needed to continue work on removing barriers to coordinated transportation.
  • Recommend to the legislature changes in laws to assist coordination of transportation services.
  • Provide guidelines for state agencies to use in policy, rules or procedures to encourage participation in community-based planning and coordination

  • Advocate for the coordination of special-needs transportation at the federal, state and local levels
  • Develop guidelines for setting performance measures and evaluating results
  • Develop monitoring and reporting criteria to assess state and local participation in transportation coordination
  • Facilitate, monitor and provide funding as available, and provide technical support for local planning
  • Develop and test models to determine cost factors for of facility siting and program-policy decisions on transportation costs
  • Develop minimum standards for safety, driver training and vehicles
  • Provide models for process and technology to support coordinated services systems
  • Develop methodologies and support local and state agencies in identifying costs
  • Promote research and develop methods and tools to improve performance of statewide transportation coordination
  • Provide a clearinghouse of information about best practices and experiences
  • Petition the office of financial management to make changes necessary for identifying transportation costs in all executive agency budgets
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