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2010 ACCT Report

Executive Summary (pdf 36 kb)

Federal Opportunities Workgroup (pdf 19 kb)

Emergency Planning (pdf 14 kb)

Human Services Transportation Planning (pdf 16 kb)

Improving Transportation For People with Special Needs (pdf 22 kb)

Coordinating Veterans Transportation (pdf 25 kb)

Intercity Bus Coordination (pdf 14 kb)

Access for Passengers Traveling in a Prone or Supine Position (pdf 18 kb)

Appendix A: Local Coordinating Coalition-Pierce County (pdf 260 kb)

Appendix B: Local Coordinating Coalition- Clark County (pdf 11 kb)

Appendix C: Metro's Community Access Transportation (pdf 31 kb)

Appendix D: Metro's Getting There--Transportation Access Center (pdf 49 kb)

Appendix E: Final Guidelines for Passengers Traveling in a Prone Position (pdf 1 mb)

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