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The Washington State Department of Transportation worked with its partners across the state to develop a Statewide Human Services Transportation Plan to coordinate the needs, interests and visions of Washington's 14 regional transportation planning organizations (RTPOs).



Now available:

Washington's Statewide
Human Services
Transportation Plan

(pdf 1.6 mb)

The plan highlights service gaps and challenges, investigates best practices from around the state and beyond and recommends strategies to improve access to transportation throughout the state. It focuses on delivering transportation service to people with special needs, those who are unable to transport themselves due to physical or mental limitations, income or age.


Statewide HSTP objectives:

  • Assist community and social service agencies with coordination at the state level under policies authorized by the Legislature and directed by state law and federal rules.
  • Address statewide deficiencies and identify projects that cross service areas or jurisdictions.
  • Align the plan with Moving Washington, the state's proven initiative for an integrated, 21st century transportation system focused on corridor solutions by operating efficiently, adding capacity strategically and managing demand.
  • Leverage opportunities for additional federal funding from other federal discretionary programs.

The plan includes:

  • Documentation of transportation needs specific to older adults, people with disabilities and those with low income.
  • Identification of cross-jurisdictional travel needs.
  • Definition of needs consistent with those of the Moving Washington transportation corridors.
  • Service strategies and recommendations to improve access and enhance mobility for target populations.
  • Best practices in Washington and elsewhere.
  • Next steps to put the plan in action.
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