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Utilities, Railroads, and Agreements

The HQ Development Division, Utilities, Railroad, and Agreements Section (URA) provides centralized review, technical, and coordinative services for statewide projects and initiatives involving utilities, railroads, and agreements.

Centralization of these services allows for effective coordination and monitoring for statewide URA functional areas, and provides a clearinghouse for relevant information and guidance. This unit oversees the WSDOT Utilities Manual, the WSDOT Utilities Accommodation Policy, and the WSDOT Agreements Manual.

Headquarters Contacts

Utilities and Railroads

WSDOT Utilities Offices are responsible for the administration of the WSDOT Utilities Accommodation Policy, providing necessary support needed for doing business with the department relating to utilities. Regional and headquarters staff coordinate with utility companies to generate and execute various types of Agreements associated with construction and maintenance within their respective region.

URA also coordinates the Department’s highway projects with railroad companies, providing statewide technical guidance on railroad design standards and highway-railroad grade crossing safety; and assisting in the development of a variety of agreements. This work unit also provides subject matter expertise for the highway-railroad grade crossing chapter of the WSDOT Design Manual.