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Public Transportation

2014 Public Transportation Conference

2014 PT Conference

Aug. 17-20 in Yakima

Save the date. Book a room. Host a session. Imagine the future.

Wall of Fame

Island Transit team 2013 Wall of Fame
Island Transit smells like team spirit
Island Transit's new facilities coordination team was dubbed that agency's 2013 Spirit Award Team. They also took an esteemed place on the 2013 Wall of Fame at the last Public Transportation Conference. Island Transit lovingly nominated the team's members as Robyn “Uniquely Otherworldly” Goldring, Jud “IT Wizard in the Clouds” Hobbs, Pete “Don’t ask him about getting locked in the Chicken Coop” Schrum and Gary “Master of Laughter and Awe” Manker for coordinating all aspects of Island Transit's “Barn” construction project. "It is beyond incredible that they have accomplished this so eloquently while keeping their sense of humor intact," the nomination letter states.
Pictured left to right: Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson; Island Transit team members Gary Manker, Pete Schrum, Robyn Goldring and Judd Hobbs; and WSDOT Public Transportation Director Brian Lagerberg

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