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Statewide Public Transportation Plan

What is the Washington State Public Transportation Plan?

The draft Washington State Public Transportation Plan (pdf 7.26 mb) is a blueprint to help guide decisions and integrate all modes of public transportation to better meet our needs over the next 20 years. The official public comment period for the plan closed on January 15, 2016, after weeks of community outreach. We are now considering the comments and questions we received and working with stakeholders to revise the draft plan and finalize it.

What is meant by "Public Transportation"?
For the purpose of the plan, we define public transportation as "any form of transportation that is accessible and available to the public that does not involve a single person in a motorized vehicle." Public in this sense refers to the access to the service, not to the ownership of the system providing the service.

About the Plan

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Watch our video for more information

Watch our video for more information

We want your input!
Though the official public comment period has closed, the draft plan is not yet complete. Please send comments to or call 206-462-6357. We'll do our best to consider your comments and questions as we finalize the plan.