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Volunteer Drivers Guide - Section 13

Model Forms and Procedures

The forms included in this section are composites of similar forms and procedures used by many of the contributing programs. The materials can be freely downloaded and edited. However some forms should be reviewed by the your legal council to ensure compliance with state and local laws and for liability purposes. This caveat particularly applies to those in the Risk Management Subsection, and to the policies, such as, Confidentiality.

If you are working from the internet version or the electronic version on CD ROM, many of the forms are Microsoft Word or Excel files and are easy to modify to fit your needs. The term "Sponsoring Organization" has been used uniformly so that users can easily search and replace that name with the name of your organization. Each of the forms has footers and page numbers relevant only to this section of the Guide. To use, simply delete the footer and insert appropriate page number.

Three of the forms are Adobe pdf. files. Each is a form from a Washington State agency, e.g., Washington State Patrol. These forms can be read and printed with Acrobat 4.0 or later. However, they cannot be edited. Before using the form, you should check with the applicable state agency to ensure there have been no changes to it since the publication of this guide. The forms can also be downloaded directly from the State Agency's web sites.

Please Note: Form 15, the FBI Records Request form, is a sample. The actual card stock form must be used to submit a formal records request to the FBI.

List of Forms

No. Form Title Type/Size
1a. Liability, Standards, and Indemnification doc 12 kb
1b. Waivers, Agreements to Participate, and Hold Harmless  doc 34.5 kb
1c. Trip Description doc 24.5 kb
1d. Volunteer Transportation Release doc 24.5 kb
2. Rider Registration/Trip Request doc 27.5 kb
3. Rider Survey doc 38.5 kb
4. Rider Grievance doc 11 kb
5a.    Volunteer Driver Job Application doc 75.5 kb
5b. Private Vehicle Registration Application doc 24.5 kb
6. Volunteer Driver Availability doc 10.5 kb
7. Volunteer Driver Personal References doc 32 kb
8a. Medical Forms - Self-Declared Medical Condition doc 32.5 kb
8b. Medical Forms - CDL Medical Examination with Doctor's Description pdf 648 kb
9. Medical/Physical Release doc 22.5 kb
10a. Driver Selection Guidelines doc 34 kb
10b. Driver Selection Standards doc 34 kb
11a. Job Description - Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) Driver doc 26.5 kb
11b. Job Description - Essential Job Functions doc 26 kb
12. Statement of Understanding doc 27.5 kb
13. Driving Record Request (DOL) pdf 57 kb
14a. Criminal Record Checks (WATCH) - Criminal Records Privacy Act doc 24 kb
14b. Criminal Record Checks (WATCH) - Child/Adult Abuse Records Search doc 21.5 kb
14c. Criminal Record Checks (WATCH) - Child/Adult Abuse Information doc 41.5 kb
15. FBI Records Request (sample only) doc 800 kb
16. Driver Code of Conduct doc 37.5 kb
17. Ethics Policy doc 11.5 kb
18. Harassment Policy doc 24 kb
19. Driver Evaluation xls 21.5 kb
20. Exit Interview doc 24.5 kb
21. Confidentiality Policy doc 13.5 kb
22a. Training Standards doc 11 kb
22b. Training Checklist doc 23 kb
23. Road Test xls 19 kb
24a. Lift Operation - Procedures and Checklist doc 38.5 kb
24b. Wheelchair Securement Procedures and Checklist doc 34.5 kb
25. Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Incident Form doc 10 kb
26. Gatekeeper Information doc 14 kb
27a. Abuse Description doc 16 kb
27b. Abuse Reporting Form doc 24.5 kb
28. Drug-Free Workplace Policy doc 26.5 kb
29a. Pre-Trip Inspection Narrative doc 27.5 kb
29b. Pre-Trip Inspection Form doc 79.5 kb
30a. Trip Plan - Back-Up doc 11 kb
30b. Trip Plan - Back-Up (For Out-of-Area Operations) doc 24 kb
31. Incident Report doc 25 kb
32a. Collision Reports - Incident/Collision Report doc 25 kb
32b. Motor Vehicle Collision Report (MVCR) web link
33. Personnel Records Checklist doc 39 kb
34. Trip Request doc 27 kb
35. Donations Policy doc 11 kb
36a. Reimbursement Voucher doc 52.5
36b. Reimbursement Policy on Meals and Incidentals doc 29 kb
37. Institutional Application for Disabled Parking Privileges pdf 14.4 kb