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Volunteer Drivers Guide - Section 8

Vehicle Equipment and Maintenance

Sponsoring Organizations should set minimum standards for the vehicles used to transport their riders. This requirement includes vehicles owned by volunteer drivers.

This section provides some minimum standards for equipment and maintenance. Many of the same considerations for vehicles owned by the Sponsoring Organization can be applied in setting standards for POV's. The Sponsoring Organization's vans and minibuses will usually have to meet ADA requirements. [Attachment 14: ADA Vehicle Accessibility Requirements]
Personally Owned Vehicles

Under state law there are minimum requirements for POV's used to provide passenger transportation services. The requirements state that the POV's shall:

  1. Have a valid state license and registration.
  2. Be equipped with functional heating and ventilation systems.
  3. Have functioning, clean, accessible seat belts that meet state and federal guidelines.
  4. Have functional doors and handles on all doors.
  5. Have an accurate speedometer and odometer.
  6. Have windows free from cracks; windshield chips must be properly sealed and not hinder vision.
  7. Have functioning interior lighting within the passenger compartment.
  8. Have adequate sidewall padding and ceiling covering.
  9. Have two exterior rear view mirrors, one for each side of the vehicle.
  10. Not have damaged or broken seats, protruding sharp edges, etc. that may be hazardous to riders.
  11. Have fully functioning lights, turn signals, and windshield wipers.
  12. Have tires with tread depth exceeding state minimums.

Annual Safety Inspections

In addition to inspecting their own vehicles, Sponsoring Organizations should require POV safety inspections as part of their annual renewal process for volunteer drivers. [Attachment 10: Maintenance Checklist]. The volunteer should provide the Sponsoring Organization with a copy of a receipt showing that the volunteer driver has had his/her vehicle/s inspected by a qualified mechanic.

Sponsoring Organizations are encouraged to create inspection and maintenance incentive programs or cost reduction programs with local mechanics or service stations.