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Volunteer Drivers Guide - Section 14


Most of the attachments are formatted similar to the forms in the previous section (Model Forms). The attachments differ from the anonymous forms; in that they are credited to their original sources. Two of the attachments (The Disability Handbook, and, Staying Out Of Trouble: Regulatory Requirements for Non-Profits) can be reproduced with credit given to the authors and editors.

Many of the attachments are not directly related to volunteer transportation; instead, they are more generic and support materials included in the Guide. Others contain information that will direct you to additional materials and services available.

If you are using the CD ROM version, or accessing the Guide online, many of the Attachments contain valuable Internet "hot links". Some of the attachments contain references to other source materials that were edited for this guide. None of the attachments has been formally copyrighted by their authors or by ACCT. The information is to be used to create, expand, and improve volunteer transportation programs throughout the United States and Canada.


No. Attachment Title Type/Size
1a Revised Code of Washington (RCW) - Special Needs Transportation doc 47 kb
1b Revised Code of Washington (RCW) - Ride Share doc 31 kb
2a Insurance Information - Indemnification doc 27 kb
2b Insurance Information - Volunteer Liability doc 30.5 kb
2c Insurance Information - Limiting Liability doc 27 kb
2d Insurance Information - Common Pitfalls doc 18 kb
2e Insurance Information - Volunteer Auto Liability doc 30 kb
3 Washington State Patrol Criminal History Records doc 40 kb
4 Disqualifying Crimes doc 77 kb
5 Driver Orientation doc 23.5 kb
6 Etiquette and Behaviors for Dealing With Persons With Disabilities doc 23.5 kb
7 Transporting Persons With Disabilities doc 288 kb
8 Head Start-Transporting Children with Disabilities doc 31.5 kb
9 Staying Out Of Trouble: Regulatory Requirements For Non-Profits doc 150 kb
10 Maintenance Checklist doc 23 kb
11 Transportation Glossary doc 62.5 kb
12 Bloodborne Pathogen Control Policy doc 61 kb
13 Interstate Registration doc 29.5 kb
14 ADA Vehicle Accessibility Standards doc 27.5 kb