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Rideshare Program

Keeping Washington's transportation system efficient and free-flowing means managing transportation demand by moving more people in fewer vehicles. It helps ease traffic congestion, saves commuters time and money, and reduces harmful carbon emissions. For many people, carpooling and organized vanpools offer the most flexibility. WSDOT invests in programs and services that make ridesharing easy.


Two or more people who commute together in one vehicle save time in the HOV lane and money by splitting the cost of fuel, parking and tolls. Carpools often form at work with the help of employee transportation coordinators or online with a free ride matching website, such as They work out their own agreements on who drives and how often, schedules, and cost sharing.


With up to 15 commuters riding together, just one vanpool can take as many as 14 single-occupant vehicles off the road and out of your way in rush hour. Fewer vehicles means less congestion and smoother, faster, more reliable commutes for people and businesses in Washington state.

WSDOT's vanpool program supports efforts across the state to make vanpooling an efficient, flexible and affordable option that takes the work out of getting to work.

    Jef Lucero, Communications
    Public Transportation Division