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About the Plan

The Intercity Network Plan details the current status and future plans of intercity bus service in Washington State.

The major findings of the intercity network plan are:

  • Many rural communities lack intercity bus service since Greyhound abandoned service in 2005.
  • The Grape Line, (Walla Walla to Pasco) ranked highest as a regional priority to establish intercity bus service,
  • We will use intercity bus service to help connect isolated rural areas of Washington to urban centers,
  • New intercity bus services will coordinate with other transportation providers at destinations for scheduled transfers,
  • The new contracting process using Request for Proposals (RFP) will ensure the best intercity provider for a route,
  • The pilot program produces a positive public-private collaboration,
  • Long-term funding is possible if the public-private collaborative funding structure is made permanent, and
  • Travel Washington branding will continue to identify intercity services sponsored by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Use the following link for more detailed information about the Intercity Network Plan.

WSDOT awarded the first contract in December 2007 for intercity service to Central Washington Airporter (CWA) to provide service on the Travel Washington Grape Line (Walla Walla to Pasco).

Use the following link for an overview of the Travel Washington network.

Next Steps: Planning for the Future of Intercity Bus Services in Washington State

Two additional Request for Proposals (RFP) were released in February 2008. The first RFP will provide service in north-central Washington from Omak to Ellensburg, including Wenatchee. This will be part of the Travel Washington branding, using the tradename Travel Washington Apple Line.

The second RFP will provide service on the Olympic Peninsula from Port Angeles to Seatac, with connections in Seattle. This route will also use the Travel Washington branding, using the tradename Travel Washington Dungeness Line.