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Vehicle Maintenance Planning Guide

Download the Vehicle Maintenance Planning Guide 
(pdf 2 mb)

Contents of the guide:

Community Transit double-decker bus

Background on the Requirement

  • What is Required?
  • Who Must Have a Plan?
  • Which Assets Are Covered by the Plan?
  • Why is a Plan Required?
  • How Were the Specific Requirements Developed?
  • What Was the Role of the Washington Grantee Task Force?

What Are the Best Practices?

  • What is Lowest Life Cycle Cost Methodology?
  • When Are the Plans Due?
  • What Will be Required in the Future?
  • Where Do I Submit my Plan?
  • Plan Requirements and Best Practices?
  • What Does the Plan Framework Consist of?

Developing Your Plan

  • What Does a Mission Statement Consist of?
  • How Do I Prepare the Inventory?
  • What Strategies Should be Described?
    • Graduated Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program
    • System to Identify, Track, and Report Maintenance, Repair, and Preservation Activities
    • Process to Authorize, Direct, and Control Maintenance Activities and Costs
    • Process to Oversee Work Done by Contractors
    • System of Warranty Recovery
    • Cost Model that Reflects Your Organization’s Policies and Standards
  • Where Can I Get Help?


  • Appendix A: Sample Plan Template
  • Appendix B: Sample Cost Model
  • Appendix C: Inventory Forms
  • Appendix D:
    • Sample Inspection Forms 
    • Sample Cutaway Inspection Sheets
    • Sample Wheelchair Lift Preventative Maintenance Inspection Sheet
    • Sample Semi-Annual Inspection Sheet
    • Sample Pre-Trip Inspection Form
    • Sample Contractor Review Checklist for Agencies With Maintenance Staff
    • Sample Contractor Review Checklist for Agencies Without Maintenance Staff