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Public Transportation Grants Overview

Consolidated Grants Program
Regional Mobility Grants Program

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WSDOT's public transportation grants help provide access, mobility and independence to Washington residents. Made possible by state and federal funds, these grants, along with regional mobility grants, provide transit services within and between cities, purchase new buses and other equipment, provide public transportation service for the elderly and people with disabilities, and improve public transportation in and between rural communities.

Who receives public transportation grants?

Many types of organizations may qualify for WSDOT's public transportation grants including:

  • Transit systems
  • Non-profit agencies
  • Tribal governments
  • Port authorities
  • Senior centers
  • State agencies
  • Cities and counties
  • Special districts, such as schools and ports
  • Private operators

How are the funds put to work?

WSDOT awarded state and federal grants in July 2013 for 107 projects through the state's competitive and formula public transportation grants program.

The grant funds are purchasing approximately 84 vehicles and providing transportation for people living in rural areas, people with special transportation needs and the general public in 38 Washington counties.

What types of grants are awarded?

WSDOT created a consolidated grant application process in 2003 to combine the applications for state and federal public transportation grants. Timelines for all state and federal funding awards were brought in line with the state biennium. This allowed applicants to submit their proposals for all types of grant funding just once every two years instead applying separately for each type of grant program.

Through the consolidated grant program, WSDOT awarded just over $37.3 million in public transportation grants for July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2015 projects statewide. The funding was provided from a combination of state and federal sources.

What is WSDOT's role in managing the grants

WSDOT's grants staff are responsible for:

  • Managing both state and federal public transportation grants including project selection and funding distribution.
  • Working with each grantee to finalize project scope, budget, and grant agreements.
  • Monitoring grantees for performance and compliance with state and federal regulations through reporting, financial tracking, and site visits.
  • Assisting in vehicle purchases and maintaining vehicle inventories.
  • Providing training and technical assistance to grant recipients in the form of transportation planning, contract management, and marketing.
  • Reporting to the Washington State Legislature and the Federal Transit Administration on performance of state and federally funded projects.

When can public transportation providers apply for grants?

The application process for the 2015-2017 competitive grant cycle is Nov. 19, 2014. The Consolidated Grant Program does not include WSDOT's Regional Mobility or Vanpool Investment Programs. We will continue to post the latest information about all 2015-2017 public transportation grants on our website as information becomes available.