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2014 Conference

Public Transportation

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Olympia, WA 98504

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Public Transportation Conference

Public Transportation Wall of Fame

WOF Community Transit
Community Transit team honored
Community Transit’s 2012 Transit Team was chosen to join the 2013 Wall of Fame for their exceptional achievement demonstrating Community Transit’s core values. Each Transit Team member is also took the honor of the transit agency's Employee of the Year. Back row: Senthil Nanjaiyan, Eric Wilkinson, Bill Kalinowski.
Front row: Jayen Hass, state Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson, Rakesh Sud, Kathryn Rasmussen, WSDOT Public Transportation Director Brian Lagerberg. CT team members not pictured: Jack Bartlett, Mike Warren, John Warren.
2013 Wall of Fame honorees from King County Metro's Infrastructure Team
King County Metro team honored
2013 Public Transportation Wall of Fame honorees from King County Metro replaced 20-year-old infrastructure with new systems that provide computer-aided dispatching, automated stop announcements and displays, integration with the ORCA smart card system, automatic passenger counting and real-time customer information. The transit radio system and on-board systems/communication center system team was nominated for their tenacity, creativity, problem-solving and collaboration. The team, not all of whom are pictured, included Antoinette Alfred, Ruben Arciaga, Randy Boshart, Dean Bryant, Ray De La Cruz, Bruce Dahl, Joe Dorage, Mark Foss, Kathryn Gish, Victoria Hughes, Ruth Kindhen, Harold Lemmon, Dennis Lock, David Magidman, Ron Moattar, Jon Moss, Keith Nelson, Darrel Riley, Dan Santon, Steven Stark, Polly Stewart, George Stites, Diane Suterland, Sheryl Wampler, Patricia Westover, Mark Wickline.

2013 Wall of Fame award winner Carol Headley, Jefferson Transit 
Jefferson Transit's Carol Headley honored
Carol has worked as a dial-a-ride operator and dispatcher for Jefferson Transit since 1988. Carol is a kind-hearted, caring person who has been there for her customers through thick and thin during her 25 years of public service.


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Thanks for participating!

  • The 2014 Washington State Public Transportation Conference was held in Yakima on August 17-20, 2014. Thanks to everyone who participated. We'll post presentations soon.
  • See you in Vancouver, Washington for the 2015 public transportation symposium. More details will be available in the months ahead.
  • WSTA Roadeo.

The 2014 Washington State Public Transportation Conference brought hundreds of people together to shape 21st century transportation, celebrate accomplishments and learn. 

Daily conference schedules:

  • Mon., Aug. 18 (pdf 76kb)
  • Tue. Aug. 19 (pdf 81kb)
  • Wed. Aug. 20 (pdf 66kb)

Speaker biographies