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Surveying Your Employees

Multimodal transportation options

State law requires CTR-affected worksites to measure employee commute behavior to determine their progress toward CTR goals. To help worksites meet this requirement, WSDOT provides the forms you need to conduct your survey, a process for analyzing your data, and technical assistance along the way.

Jurisdictions have different approaches to surveying. If you are a worksite representative (e.g., employee transportation coordinator), please work with your jurisdiction representative to determine the best process for surveying your employees.

Information about CTR data

CTR survey: frequently asked questions (pdf 154 kb) 
How WSDOT calculates VMT for the CTR program (pdf 167 kb)
How WSDOT calculates GHG for the CTR program (pdf 141 kb)
Format specifications for .DAT files (pdf 70 kb)

CTR surveying policies 

Response rate policy for CTR surveying (pdf 54 kb)
Privacy policy for the CTR surveying process (pdf 40 kb)
Sampling survey policy for large CTR worksites (pdf 57 kb)
Policy for submitting equivalent survey data (pdf 49 kb)

Forms and templates

Request form for new CTR worksite - single site (pdf 57 kb)
Request form for new CTR worksite - multiple sites (xlsx 20 kb)
Request form to set up a CTR survey - single site (pdf 272 kb)
Request form to set up a CTR survey - multiple sites (xlsx 20 kb)
Image of CTR survey questionnaire (pdf 680 kb)
Packing list form to submit to UW with paper surveys  (pdf 80 kb)


Michael Wandler
CTR Survey Technical Support

Amber Nguyen
CTR Survey Technical Support