Northeast Washington Cameras


As of 2/19/2018 12:20 PM
Blocking Incidents
  • SR 21 milepost 145.5 at Gold Creek, 17 miles south of Republic has a one-lane bridge with a 10 mile per hour speed limit until further notice. Follow traffic control in place and yield to on-coming traffic.
  • SR 20 - Sherman Pass: Compact snow and ice. Traction tires advised. Over-sized loads prohibited.
  • The right lane along Spokane Falls Boulevard between Stevens and Wall Street is closed for construction access. The sidewalk and bicycle lanes are both closed too. The bike lane at the north edge along Spokane Falls Blvd. between Wall and Post will be closed until further notice.
Construction Closures
  • None reported
Special Events
  • None reported
Road Conditions
  • US 2 - Spokane to Newport: bare and dry to compact snow and ice.
  • US 195 - Rosalia to Spokane: bare and dry, with compact snow and drifting snow in places.
  • US 395 - Spokane to Clayton: bare and dry with snow in places.
  • I-90 - Broadway to Idaho State line: bare and dry.
  • US 2 - Davenport to I-90: bare and dry, bare and wet with ice in places.
  • US 395 - Clayton To Colville: Bare and dry with areas of compact snow and ice.
  • I-90 - US 195 to Broadway: bare and dry.