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Cayuse Pass 2010 - Photos

April 1 - Looking south on SR 410, still about a half mile from the Cayuse Pass summit. There is about eight feet of snow on the road.

April 1 - An excavator scoops up snow and pushes it toward the open road

April 1 - After the snow has been pushed out by the excavator, a snowblower sucks it into a powerful blower which shoots it off the side of the road.

April 14 - At the summit of Cayuse Pass. There is about 12 feet of snow covering the road.

April 14 - A bulldozer is used near the summit. It can actually drive out on the snow without sinking too deeply and then push the snow back toward the snowblowers. The snow is too deep for the snowblowers blades to handle alone.

April 14 - A snowblower scoops up and shoots snow off the road. The snow here is nearly 12 feet deep.

April 14 - We use two snowblower to clear Cayuse Pass. In this photo, you can see the blades that that cut through the snow and funnel it up into the powerful blower.

April 14 - Near the summit of Cayuse Pass, looking south.

April 27 - SR 123 just east of the Cayuse summit. From this area, crews begin working their way down toward the interchange with SR 12.

April 27 - It might be spring, but it sure seems like winter on Cayuse Pass. Crews endured snow and rain to clear the pass. Occasionally, they would need to go back and re-clear areas they'd already cleared.