Tolling Planning

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The Washington State Legislature has stated that tolling should be used when it can contribute a significant portion of the cost of a project that cannot be funded solely with existing sources and/or to optimize the performance of the transportation system.

As a result, WSDOT is often asked to study various potential aspects of tolling a facility. Tolls can generate revenue to help finance future improvements along a corridor as well as help alleviate congestion by making our roadways operate more efficiently.

Completed studies:

  • Joint Toll and Ferry Customer Service Center Feasibility Study (January 2014)
  • SR 509, I-5 and SR 167 Puget Sound Gateway Funding and Phasing Study (September 2013)
  • SR 167 Extension Comprehensive Tolling Study (February 2013)
  • SR 509 Extension Phasing Plan (March 2012)
  • SR 520 Investment Grade Traffic and Revenue Study (August 2011)
  • I-5 Express Lanes Toll Feasibility Study (June 2011)
  • Awareness and Acceptance of Pricing Project (May 2011)
  • I-405/SR 167 Eastside Corridor Tolling Study (January 2011)
  • SR 167 Extension Toll Feasibility Study (July 2010)
  • SR 509 Extension Toll Feasibility Study (July 2010)
  • I-405 and SR 167 Eastside Corridor Tolling Study (January 2010)
  • 520 Tolling Implementation Committee (January 2009)

To request a digital copies of completed toll studies, email

The Washington State Transportation Commission has also done a number of studies about tolling which can be found on their website.