Awareness and Acceptance of Pricing Project

In 2007, WSDOT and the Puget Sound Regional Council received federal funding to test public awareness and acceptance of policy and project specific tolling concepts for use in refining those policies and projects. In addition, the agencies tested the effectiveness of communications strategies and tools to advance public awareness and acceptance of pricing.

The project was comprised of four key activities, all focused on understanding public acceptance issues that would enable or constrain broadening tolling to include corridor tolling and congestion pricing. These activities included:

  • Regional coordination on operation, outreach and legislative issues
  • 520 Tolling Implementation Committee
  • Pricing Task Force Support
  • Evaluation of existing and proposed toll projects

View the report

Final Report (pdf 2 mb)

Appendix A: Pricing Acceptance Public Opinion Analysis (pdf 55 kb)

Appendix B: Pricing Focus Group Research (pdf 161 kb)

Appendix C: Tolling in the Puget Sound Region: Discussion of Commonly Raised Questions and Issues (pdf 406 kb)

Appendix D: House Transportation Committee presentation (pdf 926 kb)

Appendix E: State Route 167 and Tacoma Narrows Bridge Surveys (pdf 3.1 mb)

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