Joint Toll and Ferry Customer Service Center Feasibility Study

In 2013, the Legislature directed WSDOT to study the feasibility of a single account-based system for toll road and ferry users. Specifically the study evaluated:

  • ferry fare payment with a Good To Go! pass and a single customer account for ferries and tolls
  • combined customer services for ferries and tolls
  • integrated ferry reservation system and tolls back office system
  • integrated Good To Go! as a payment method for parking at Sea-Tac International Airport

WSDOT's toll and ferries divisions worked together to complete this study. After considering current and future toll and ferry operations the following recommendations were made:

  • ferry fare payment with a Good To Go! pass is feasible and should be implemented
  • WSDOT should begin developing policies for integrating a single customer account system for ferry and toll customers
  • the toll and ferries divisions should begin work to replace their back office systems with a single, unified system.

Additional analysis and planning is needed to fully define and integration strategy and detailed schedule.

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