SR 167 Comprehensive Tolling Study

map showing proposed SR 167 extension from Edgewood to Tacoma.
Proposed SR 167 extension from Edgewood to Tacoma.

In 2011, the Legislature directed WSDOT to conduct a detailed analysis of how much revenue could be generated from tolling the completion of the SR 167 corridor in Pierce County and how much revenue would be needed from other funding sources to fund corridor construction. Specifically, WSDOT was asked to examine the following:

  • Level of public support for tolls as a means to help fund the project.
  • The effect of the recent economic recession on population and employment forecasts.
  • What toll amounts travelers would be willing to pay to use the corridor once built (described as “value of time”).
  • The effect of tolling on potential travel demand.
  • Possible incremental construction scenarios that could be completed as funding became available.

WSDOT worked closely with stakeholder committee comprised of representatives from affected cities and jurisdictions, the Port of Tacoma, the Puget Sound Regional Council and the Federal Highway Administration. We also solicited public opinion through a public opinion survey, focus group workshops and other means of outreach.

View the final report (pdf 2 mb)

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