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How to Use HOT Lanes

Access changes coming
summer 2014
Current access:

  HOT Lane access sign
 Access approaching sign
  HOT Lanes toll rate sign
Toll rate for entering at this
access point
  HOT lanes dashed line
Enter/exit only at dashed line
  HOT Lanes double-white line
It's illegal to cross the
double-white line

Solo drivers must have a Good To Go! pass 

Drivers who want to use the SR 167 HOT lanes as a solo driver must have a pass in the vehicle and have an active Good To Go! pass. Carpools, vanpools and transit do not need a Good To Go! account and may use the lanes as HOV lanes at no charge.

Watch the signs on the road

Signs inform drivers of approaching HOT lane access points a half-mile before each dashed-line entrance zone. These signs and the dashed line indicate where transit, carpools and toll-paying solo drivers may enter and exit the HOT lane. An electronic sign displays the current toll price at each access point. Solo drivers pay one toll per trip for the amount displayed when they first enter the HOT lane and if the lane switches to HOV only, they are allowed to stay.

Disable the Good To Go! pass when you carpool in the HOT lane

If you need to use the HOT Lanes as a solo driver and sometimes have passenger(s) with you, the switchable pass is best suited for you. The switchable pass can be turned on or off depending on the number of people in the car. A movable pass can be placed in the gray static bag to avoid being charged while using the HOT lanes as a carpool. Visit Good To Go! Passes page to learn more about other options.

Motorcyles in the HOT lane

Motorcyclists with a Good To Go! Pass affixed to their headlight do not need to shield the pass. Riders must contact the customer service center and ensure their vehicle and pass are flagged in the HOT Lanes system as a motorcycle. The system is then able to filter out pass reads for motorcycles.

Hours of operation

The SR 167 HOT lanes operate between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m. seven days a week. Overnight from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. the HOT lanes are open to all drivers. No passes are necessary and no tolls are charged during the overnight period.