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A Tale of Three Bridges - 2007

The New Tacoma Narrows Bridge

2007 Tacoma Narrows Bridge
The new suspension bridge is being built parallel to and south of the existing bridge, providing two general purpose and a HOV lane for eastbound traffic. The new bridge will include a separated path for bicycles and pedestrians.

New parallel bridge completed by: Early 2007
1950 bridge (retrofit) completed by: Early 2008

In September 2002, construction began on Tacoma Narrows Bridge III. Two years later, the project was nearly half complete.

By September 2004, bridge builder Tacoma Narrows Constructors had finished the two bridge caissons, or tower foundations, in the water. On land, they were paving new roadways, building the east and west anchorages and numerous retaining walls, and installing drainage facilities. They had completed two half-diamond interchanges and a highway underpass, and had started building the toll facility. Along the way, the project remained right on schedule.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge III is the largest suspension bridge built in the United States since 1964. Its foundations stand a mere 60 feet south of the current bridge's foundations. This $849 million project will also improve 2.4 miles of State Route 16, and will renovate the existing bridge with seismic upgrades and a new deck.


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From shipyard to port.   Getting to 'Pier-Top City.'   Night fell, crews kept on.   A manmade canyon.
Serene image belies rapid progress.   A bird's eye view.   Working on water.   Bridge-building in swift currents.
Birth of a tower.   Our 'parallel' future.

» 1940 Panel
» 1950 Panel

About the images:
The majority of photos featured on this panel are the work of staff of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Project. Other images of the new bridge (2007) are courtesy of Tacoma Narrows Constructors.

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