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The Bridge as a Connection

Why were the
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The Bridge as Machine

How did they
build the bridges?

The Bridge as Art

Why do the bridges
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  People of the Bridge
Who designed
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A Tale of Three Bridges - 1940

"Galloping Gertie" - This First Narrows Bridge

Caisson in tow.

Caisson in tow. Before towing out the caissons, anchors (large concrete blocks) were towed to the appropriate location and dumped - shoved off - barges. Here, the first section of the pier, the hollow caisson, was towed into place. To hold the caisson in position, divers secured it to the anchors on the seabed. Creating the pier was a gradual process, building up with steel and concrete onto the caisson. Slowly, the pier "grew" upward and sank downward.

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